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Founded in 2011, Sweet Dreams Cupcakery combines our hobbies of baking and making gorgeous goodies. However, we are no longer taking orders for profit. We are still happy to bake and make, but only for cost price, as this is purely as hobby and no longer a business. We are also happy to donate to charity. Thank you everyone for the past 5 years of orders :) Kim & Roni

We are based in Herne..

Our tagline is *Made with love by Kiwi*


Please visit www.facebook.com/sweetdreamscupcakery to view our full photo gallery.

You can also follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SweetDreamsKent


Please note, our contact us page is not working properly at the moment.  We are receiving your messages, but not your email addresses in order for us to reply.  Please email us directly at sweetdreamscupcakery@hotmail.co.uk.  Thank you x


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